To blog or not to blog, that has been the question.....

For a very long time now, I have been pondering this but have stalled: do I have anything of value to say, another thing to add to my to do list, I don’t want my life out there on the Internet etc, etc… But that little voice inside me keeps rearing it’s head and I believe that this journey will be an extension of my creative life, so here I am, like the kindergartener being coaxed into the classroom, abandoning those doubts and putting myself on the blogosphere.

Today is the three year anniversary of my Mom’s passing  - a day that broke my heart and plummeted me into the dark depths of grief and long periods of artist block.  My Mom was so proud of all that I have accomplished, and loved the fact that I was making a living as an artist and designer.  So what better way to begin this journey than to attribute the birth of my blog to my Mom.

Like most women, my life is a constant balancing act.  April and May are particularly challenging as I’m always entrenched in prepping to exhibit at the SURTEX show here in NYC.  This past couple of weeks I’ve tipped the scales with too much working and too much schlepping my kids at weekends and not enough time for me.  So today I started my day with a fabulous walk through Central Park, taking Jules to school, stopping to take in the peace I feel on seeing my favorite weeping willow tree.

Then I snuck some time to meander through the glorious Conservatory Gardens.

Inspired, when I got home I planted the vegetables and new plants I bought at the quick hop to the gardening center last week.  It’s hard to believe I live in the city being surrounded by such breathtaking nature.

Now I’m up in my studio, windows wide open getting down to painting – no coincidences here that I’m painting flowers in a explosion of pink after seeing all those gorgeous Magnolia trees in bloom.

Who knows, I may be super decadent and go to a yoga class later this afternoon, but whatever I decide, I know that this day has been a good one and I celebrated my Mom by taking care of myself and finding that wee bit of “me” time that we all deserve.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and may you have some excellent “me” time in your today,

Much love,