Here comes summer

One of the things I really look forward to in the summertime is barbecues and farmers markets.   I bought these gorgeous looking carrots for one of the two barbecues we hosted this weekend.  Not only were they delicious, (I'm having the left overs now for lunch as I type) but I thought they looked so beautiful, I used the green leaves of the carrots to mix with the flowers I picked from my garden for the dining room table.

Here's to many more barbecues and tasty farm fresh food ahead of us this summer!

Carrots from our local Farmers Market
Todays leftovers, barbecued carrots

Flowers from my garden and carrot greens

Imperfectly do it

When I was describing myself on the title of my blog, I had to add that everything I do is "all very imperfectly" because in all honesty, that's how I operate.  I’m very much a big picture person.  I love focusing on the vision and when it comes to details I’m often a hack. I love some details like decorating the small finishing touches on a cake or making my bed so perfectly that it looks like a staged page from Elle D├ęcor.  On the flip side, my bed may look beautiful, but if you lift one of my homemade pillows you might find some imperfection residing.  

I’m the kind of person who makes curtains and ends up creating a border on them because of mistaken calculations.  Whether it’s building an IKEA bookshelf, creating the boards for my booth, recycling an old door or simply remembering a conversation, I always get the details mixed up.  Oftentimes my mistakes work out to be a happy accident and other times I just have to suck it up and live with the imperfections. Guaranteed that if you peek underneath any paintings or pictures on our walls, you'll find at least one, if not four or five little holes where I've guessed the center point to hang it.  (What can I say; it’s just how I roll).

Jules bedroom curtains with my Spider fabric from Henry Glass.  The border was not planned, thank goodness I had two colorways
This is our wall of school photos outside the playroom of our boys from Pre-K until now, you can guess how many holes in total are under these photos.....?
One of my living nightmares is reading instruction manuals, I’d rather endure root canal surgery than having to sit and read an instruction manual.  Thank God for Elliott, who happens to be the opposite because we’re a family of game players with a lot of new games and he is the designated manual reader.  

Sometimes I'd desperately like to be the kind of person who can accurately process instructions or measure the exact quantities of ingredients when cooking, but whether it's a lack of focus or patience, I'm just a toss it in there kind of gal.  I’m in awe of all these incredible quilters who have the patience to cut out hundreds of little shapes and then meticulously sew them together with such accuracy.  But alas, that’s not me

Fortunately I do have a knack for creating things, arranging trips and hosting dinner parties, and if I must say so myself, they usually work out pretty wonderful. 

When we bought our house, there wasn't a lot of original detail left, but I tried to recycle as much of it as possible, and donated what we couldn't use to "Build It Green" in Queens.  This old door in our bedroom had a lot of broken stain glass panels and the wood was in terrible condition, so I stripped it, replaced the broken glass with wood panels, painted it fire truck red and attached it to a barn door fixture.  

There are times when I have to push myself to be more disciplined with details and then there are other times when it’s just beyond my nature.  So I need to give myself permission to do things imperfectly; otherwise I just wouldn’t do anything. 

When I first started gardening and growing vegetables, I was gifted a whole library of gardening books.  Did I ever read one cover to cover?  Absolutely not, I went straight to the index, asked my gardener friends or relied on my new BFF Google and at this moment I’m thoroughly enjoying the “fruits” of my labor. (Please Scottish friends don’t judge me too harshly that after 22 years of living here, I've finally surrendered to spelling “labour” the American way.)

Having fresh flowers from my garden is one of my favorite things
Not to mention eating freshly picked Harlem grown vegetables
So I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to get out there and follow your heart’s desire and not to worry if you make a mess or fall flat on your face.  Whether you’re a manual type or intuitive type, just go for it.  And if ever you visit our home, I give you full permission to check out the linings of my curtains and look behind my pictures. Hopefully with just a slightly pinkish face, I’ll be able to laugh off the imperfections and just be proud of what I was able to accomplish.

Much love,